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Art Gallery Game

Animated GIF

3D Art Gallery Animated GIF

Gallery Game

This animated GIF includes the art gallery for the Gallery Game, however some of the paintings on the walls are different. Find Christian art, based on Bible verses, in the Gallery Game. Tap artwork in the Interactive Art Gallery for detailed information, audio, close ups, and Scripture.

Art Gallery Preparation

Tap graphics in the Interactive Art Gallery to see the title, size, medium, and a closeup of each image. Hear Bible verses which inspired the artwork.

Most of the graphics in each art gallery began as original oil paintings. Paintings were photographed, scanned, then copied to the 3D gallery's walls. Some images are 3D digital images. The art gallery was prepared from a 3D model with 3ds Max.

3D rendering software and graphics, for both the Gallery Game and Interactive Art Gallery, load quickly on mobile phones and full computers.

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