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Games encourage focus and focus increases memory. Games provide great opportunities to remember those things that matter the most, such as the Bible.

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This page explains why and how creates Bible games for the Web. prepares Bible games for full computers, Macintosh, Windows PCs, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, mobile devices, and other cell phones, with HTML5 browsers.

Why Bible Games?

Studies indicate we're more likely to remember emotional events. Sometimes details remain forever etched in our minds. For example, we remember some happy experiences for life, yet boring tasks are quickly forgotten.

Games encourage focus, and focus increases memory. Games provide great opportunities to remember those things that matter the most, such as the Bible.

3D Graphics incorporates 3D graphics and features where possible. Graphics and music add an extra dimension of interest, and unusual opportunities to reach our hearts.

Our subconscious mind responds to images, before we know the context. Graphics immediately bypass our critical thinking processes. Advertisers use images to their advantage. Ads sometimes include enticing graphics which don't even relate to the product!'s goal is to present the Truth with graphics, relating every image to a Bible topic where possible. However, the images in the games represent concepts from Scripture creatively. They aren't perfectly accurate.

For example in Ezekiel Chapter 1, Ezekiel saw four fantastic creatures. No one except God, Ezekiel, and others in heaven, know exactly what those creatures looked like.

Ideally images stimulate the viewer's imagination. However they can never compare to God's true creation.

Desktop and Mobile Web Games develops online Web games to run on a wide variety of devices including current Androids, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, tablets, Windows PCs, Apple Computers, and cell phones, with HTML5 or WebGL browsers. offers Flash 3D games for those PCs, Macs, desktops, laptops, and other devices, which still run Flash. However most games on this site run with newer technology, for mobile devices and computers, such as HTML5 and WebGL.

How Games Are Created makes games for mobile devices and desktop computers with a number of software applications and languages including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, PHP, MySQL, XML, DTD, and SVG. Development tools include Eclipse, Firefox with Firebug, and Chrome Developer Tools.

The artwork's designed with 3ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as scanned original traditional paintings.

Flash games were prepared with Flash Professional, ActionScript, Flash Builder 4.7, Stage3D, and Papervision3D.

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Have fun and love learning the Bible!

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