So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17 KJV).

Free Online Bible Games

Free online Bible games for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Including 3D games! Play Free Games! Enjoy Bible games for tablets and cell phones including iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. All games run on desktops including Windows PCs and Macintosh computers, as well. Many games include Scripture with audio. Hear God's Word while you play. Games range from simple enough for children to challenging for adults.

Play the free End Game. Learn about end time prophecy with images, audio Bible verses, and text from Scripture. The Prophecy Pursuit Game is both fun and challenging with graphics, Scripture, and a Hall of Fame online scoreboard. includes a selection of illustrated, animated or interactive Bible topics. See Bible paintings and graphics representing topics from the book of Revelation.

Have fun with Bible games online. Love learning the Bible!

Play games which teach about Jesus Christ, Christianity, God, faith, and salvation. Most games include Bible quotes or Bible verses. Many quotes are from the KJV Bible, some are from the NIV Bible. Some games include Holy Bible audio Scripture. Games are a great way to teach the Bible for kids. Some topics focus on Bible prophecy such as the end of the world, book of Revelation, tribulation, end times, and most of all the good news, Jesus returns soon!

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