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Interactive Lunar Eclipse

Swipe: Moon Turns Red

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Read about the lunar eclipse and Scripture. Swipe the graphic to view an animation of the sun, moon, and earth, during a total eclipse of the moon. Tap the Hear Music button.

This enactment of an eclipse of the moon demonstrates color changes in transition. Earth obstructs direct sunlight causing the moon to appear reddish. The size and distance between planets were reduced to communicate concepts more clearly.


Also see the Lunar Eclipse 3D Animation. The animation and interactive lunar eclipse examples run in mobile Web browsers and full computers, with HTML5 compatible Web browsers. The full eclipse of the moon reenactment, should run on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows tablets, Blackberry 10, Windows PCs, and Macintosh computers.

The 3D animation was rendered with 3ds Max and the volume light atmosphere effect. Graphics were modified with Photoshop. Before modifications, maps of the earth and moon came from NASA Images. Sprite sheets and JavaScript provide interactivity.

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